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Video Wall Rentals

Access Computer Rentals offers a video wall for rent. Video walls make a great presentation at any convention, conference, trade show, corporate meeting, etc. A video wall will ensure you make an impression.

Our video wall is 200 inches in diameter and comes complete with full technical support, configuration to all computer equipment and custom software loads. Our staff will install and even remain on site if requested. Our video wall sits on a stage, equipped with wheels, so its very versatile and mobile on site!

Please call our sales person to ask about this unique product!




Video wall rentals - Toshiba 200in video wall

Toshiba 200” Video Wall

16 Cube - P4125U

41” CRT Projection

With Stage & Speaker System

  • 41” CRT Projection
  • 4 X 4 Video Wall configuration
  • Approx 9ft X 10ft
  • Placed on stage w/ wheels
  • Sound System

  • 200” Diameter
  • Can be comprised with up to:
  • 16 - 41" cubes for 4X4 wall
  • 9 - 41" cubes for 3X3 wall
  • 4 - 41" cubes for 2X2 wall

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